Quality Trade since 2001

Quality Trade since 2001

Guaranteed quality delivered

Guaranteed quality delivered

Quality trough long term partnerships

Quality trough long term partnerships

Quality Trade Asia is a private owned Investment, Trade & Development company.

Incorporated in Hong Kong since 2006 – After being active in Norway as a small startup since 2001.


Until now we have had great growth and during persistence and hard work, we have become a dependable sourcing, manufacturing and consulting partner to our overseas clients from our offices in China.

We have had solid and stable growth, with a yearly turnover of USD 15-20 Million in since 2013

We have more than 18 years onsite in China and more than 24 years’ experience doing business in and out of Asia with the European markets.

We currently have more than 20+ factories that we use regularly, and our projects/client’s orders amount to between 3-5000 employees at any given time. We believe we help our clients getting the best products and help the communities in the factories by helping them develop with us and our clients.


Our Client base today consists of more than 100+ clients based in more than 20 countries like Australia, Canada, China, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, The Netherlands, United Kingdom

Our main area of expertise is sourcing and producing textile products. But we do source a lot of other products for our clients on specifications from toys to bicycles to boats and much more.

Since our startup in China, we have also helped several companies to enter markets and setup their own production in China with both Domestic and International clients.


To provide our extensive knowledge and skills of China sourcing and business practices.

Help companies move their production to China based locations with the same quality as in their existing plants.

Decrease production and management costs. Increase development, quality and profitability.

To ease your entry into the Chinese market both in export and on domestic regions.
Increasing your footprint from the first day you enter to China for business development.

"Giving the customer genuine products and the best quality of service is what we thrive for!"


With a wast network of suppliers within close proximity of our locations of Ningbo and Zhoushan in Zhejiang District of China. we have access to more than 700.000 factories 1.000.0000 suppliers within 5 hours of our location.


We follow our factories from the purchase of raw material to the finished products.

Quality Control

We make sure the factories and suppliers follow all the standards that are given by our clients. And we help to follow up with Certification and qualification bureaus.


  • Independent – We find you the most suitable supplier with the highest Quality is chosen
  • Full Disclosure – You receive full details of the suppliers sourced
  • Communication – Bilingual and bi-cultural management ensures what you want is what you get.  
  • Easy access to China – By using our knowledge and our network your entry to China will go quickly and smoothly.   
  • Save time – Outsource your production and purchasing to us to focus on what you do best
  • Avoid problems – Your needs are our daily work, with many years in this market we know the right path to take for solving your needs.



Jia Ying Yuan – General Manager and Director

Roger André Olsen – Business Development Director

Bi Ming – Vice Manager

Sourcing and Administration

Our Sourcing, QC and Administration departments have a total of 15 people on staff.

We have 2 offices in Zhejiang the first is in Zhoushan, and the second is in Ningbo.

We also have another 10+ people who works independent for us on projects when needed.

Not to mention the vast network that we have established across the whole of Asia during the last 24 years.

 Roger Olsen the founder being a serial entrepreneur he has helped various Nordic Companies to setup production/marketing and sales in China with Yacht companies like Wasa Yachts from Sweden and Alpha Boat from Norway. Also helped the Nordic Industrial Park in Ningbo. And helped work as Liaison/consultant between Nordland County and Zhoushan Islands during the period from 2010 and still continue to help Norwegian companies to establish and get partners in China.


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We have offices in Ningbo and Zhoushan just 2.5-3.5 hours drive from Shanghai.

About Us

Quality Trade Asia is a private owned Investment, Trade & Development company.

Incorporated in Hong Kong since 2006 – After being active in Norway as a small startup since 2001.

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